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Enter your Existing Websms Log in ID and PUK or SIM Serial Number or R-UIM Number to get Validation Code

Log in ID (Mobile Number) :
PUK / SIM Serial Number / R-UIM Number / FWP Number:
Note :
Please make sure that your mobile phone is switched on before submiiting the information in order to receive validation code immediately
Post-paid User - Enter the PUK Number
[PUK Number Length = 8]
To get PUK, please type PUK and send SMS to 1400

Pre-paid Mobile User - Enter the SIM Serial Number [Please enter 19 digit numeric value only. Example: 8997701019900000309]
You can find SIM SERIAL NUMBER in your valid SIM CARD.

This process will validate you and send validation code to your mobile number.You can reset your password through this website immediately using validation code you received.
Internet Users- Currently Internet users are requested to forward query to with websms login id and previous password

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