1. What is the limitation of SMS?
The message length of your SMS is 120 characters. This includes your user name also.

2. What do I do if I have to send longer messages?
You can send longer text messages by sending multiple messages.

3. Can anyone register to Nepal Telecom Web SMS Service ?
Only the Nepal Telecom internet valid subscribers are allowed to register in the Nepal Telecom Web SMS.

4. Can other ISP valid users are allowed to register?
No at this moment only Nepal Telecom valid internet user can register to Web SMS.

5. Can you guarantee delivery of a Message?
We can guarantee the delivery of your message up to the SMSC sever which then stores and forwards your message to respective destination. The message delivery to the destination depends on various factors.

6. Sometimes the message is not delivered but I get the message status as "SENT" Why?
The “SENT” status you see on our site means only the successful submission of your message up to SMSC server.

7. Is there any limitation on sending SMS through Nepal Telecom Web SMS?
Yes. Valid user of Nepal Telecom can send 10 messages per day from web.

8. Can you deliver SMS to any part of the world?
You can send SMS within Nepal only.

9. I sent my friend an SMS and he/she did not receive it. Why?
Here are some reasons why he/she may not have received the SMS that you sent to them:
a. In case of Post paid the call barred has been applied as the balance exceeded the deposit amount.
b. In the handset, the service center number may not be configured or correctly configured. The service center number should be +9779851028801. Please note that “+” should also be written in front of number.
c. The mobile device is "out-of-range".
d. Memory capacity of the handset has been exceeded. The old messages in the handset have to be deleted.
e. The mobile number you entered is incorrect.

10. Can I set my own preset messages?
Yes, you can set your own messages (maximum 5) and use it as preset messages.

11. How many days the database will keep the delivery records of the user?
Our database will keep the delivery records up to 7 days only.

12. Can I set delivery notification of web SMS?
Yes, click the check box Receive "delivery notification by email" in the delivery status.

13. I didnot receive delivery notification in email?
Check your email address in the personal profiles. Please use valid email id.

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